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More Failures, Oops, I Mean "Experiments"

My AT asked me if I could make the photographs less recognizable, and the answer is indeed. I can completely obliterate all resemblance pretty easily. Just add a texture to the knit and—BAM—complete obscurity! Today I tried a spray bottle that was meant for glasses cleaner and it sprayed a fine mist. I think it was the best way to apply the cyanotype to the knitting thus far.

So the results were mostly unsuccessful. Here is the most successful swatch, ultrasound on smooth stockinette.

Ultrasound on 3x3 ribbing. I tried ribbing because I wanted to play with the idea of pulling the ribs apart. I think this idea still has some potential. 
Here is the same Winston's face and ultrasound on seed stitch. Pretty much obliterated. 
Supposed to be cloudy-like structures on a sampler of berry stitch, bee stitch, and bubble stitch. This is a total fail. It's unclear why it was a total failure. Because of the knitting texture or because of the negative's density? Both? 
Here was my att…

Slightly Successful

In order to do some more tests, I had to create more swatches, of course. I thought, I might as well experiment with knitting while I make swatches. I tried knitting a square diagonally, that is starting with a corner and increasing every row. I followed some directions I found online:
And it was very not square. It looked to me to be about a 45 degree angle. I tried it again with double the amount of increases and sure enough it was much more square.

So I last left off with unsuccessful cyanotypes on a wool blend. I realized that actually the previous yarn was only 30% wool and 70% acrylic, so maybe it would work on pure wool. I should try it I suppose to be fully sure of the effects of cyanotype on various fibers. But I tried 100% cotton yarn, which is very-not-so-fun to work with because it feels like a dishtowel. But actual success occurred. Legit success, as you can see below. Regular rectangle, and diagonally knitted parallelogram, cyanotyped.

                          Then I ha…