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Exhibit Opening

So God Ball has a home now in the exhibit. He lives on a table with other little books. He is ready to be viewed.
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At lunch, I shared with the group that there are five psychiatric hospitals nearby, and I wondered if there was a demand for all of them. Somehow this turned into a joke about how this school is really just another psychiatric hospital that specializes in people who have delusions of grandeur that they are artists. So we only think we are attending critiques and lectures but it's actually covert therapy to make us realize that we are delusional. Anyway, it was pretty funny.

In the morning we all put our names on two more critique slots in addition to the ones we were assigned.
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Speaking of critiques, I just had my first one, and it was pretty harsh. No such thing as the 6 to 1 ratio of positive to negative comments. The interesting part to me here is that the "critter" (as they are called) was pretty delicate and implicit with his constructive criticism with the other people in our group, but with me, I felt like it was very harsh. Which in some odd way might be a compliment in itself, like I could handle more heavy interrogation and critique. It's hard to say. Every positive comment I got from him was always a fake positive because it was like super quickly segwayed into a negative.

I can tell this was a critique day because everyone is walking around in this sort of hollow way like we all just got butt-hurt in some way or another.

The weather was nicer for a couple days and today it is hot again. Every once in a while the clouds move in front of the sun and it feels like a little relief. Last night it rained. But it didn't stop the weather from being crazy today.

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Today was the opening of the exhibit. Surprisingly, I had several people come up to me telling me how amazing the God Ball book is. Then one girl was telling another student about them saying, "He'll never judge you and you just squish him to your face!" One guy from my class had an interesting comment that the vegetables are like the presence and the God Ball is like the actual representation of the same thing. One guy is serious about buying himself a copy of the book. He asked me multiple times to send him the Blurb link so that he can buy it.

Another guy that was in my critique group today, approached me and said, "did you find anything helpful from your critique today?"
"well, not particularly, but I have to think about it and let it sit for a while," I said.
"I thought that guy was really unfair to your work, it's like he just wanted it to be something else instead of addressing what it is." he said.
"I had the same thought cross my mind, but of course I always doubt myself and think I'm just imaging or exaggerating."
"I am here to affirm that you were not imagining."
This is reassuring that he sensed it too, and it isn't just me being overly sensitive to criticism.

One of the big wig people that run the program approached me and told me how glad she was that I applied with them and not the Graphic Design MFA. "We really loved your design background, and how you combine that with other things. We were very excited."


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