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Hashtag: Asylum Life

Two in five artists, people. Two in five.

It was the number I came up with after my research a couple classes ago, but it seems to be pretty accurate. You know what I'm talking about. 

Apparently, it is tradition to come up with a name for our class. I can't think of such things. Someone suggested it has to have something to do with Js because there are 5 of us whose names start with J: Jaime, Jason, Jessica, Jessica, Jo. But then that leaves out the rest of them so I don't think that's a good idea. The graduating class' name has something to do with Dolly, which is why the dance is Dolly Parton themed. One of the other classes was Wanderlust, which got shortened sometimes to Lusters. 

It was raining pretty heavy when I went to sleep last night, and it rained all through the night. I left my window open and listened to the sound. This morning the rain seems to have subsided.  With the rain has come a strange musty smell in my room. I'm not sure where it's coming from. It seems like it's coming from the painted brick walls themselves, but I don't now how that's possible. Maybe it's coming from the greenery outside my window. It's hard to tell. 

Soon I will be assigned two Faculty Advisors. A team of two faculty get five students, so that's a pretty amazing ratio. They will be my teachers for this directed research course in which I write a Visual Culture analysis something or other. 

Lunch today was strange indeed. I couldn't finish it, I took a few bites of each thing and just threw it away. It was just kinda weird and I couldn't wrap my mind around it. I wasn't alone, I don't know anyone that enjoyed it. It makes me want to go to the Cafe Anna and see if they have some nice soup today. Yesterday they had broccoli cheddar soup and I really wanted to try it but I wasn't hungry. Today I bet they have changed the soup, but maybe it's something else yummy, but I really don't want to spend money. 

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A guy came up to me and said, "Hey, you're the one that made that bike right?" somehow I knew he was talking about the Bike Type poster from my presentation. I said, yeah thats right. He said, "have you seen Norman Ives work? He does really cool stuff with type that I think you would like." It's cool that people think of you even beyond your presentation or time spent with them. 

I think today all the faculty are examining all of our visual culture project proposals, and trying to figure out the faculty that would be the best fit for each student in consideration with the project. Which they said takes them about 8-10 hours. What does that mean for me? It means a day with nothing scheduled for 5 hours. I find myself totally burnt out and exhausted and frustrated. Not wanting to sleep but not wanting to actually do anything. Not wanting to stay, not wanting to go out. I forced myself to walk into the downtown. I saw a pizza place and thought ooo pizza, I should have some just for the sake of eating pizza, and it was closed. Open for dinner only. I walked into a bakery, but they only had pastries and no bread left. I've been having nice pastries with my meals here, so I'm a little tired of dessert. Where's the bread and cheese? No bread, no cheese. They sold coffee but I didn't want coffee. I wouldn't have minded some frozen yogurt or ice cream but it was a farther walk away according to the google. I also could go for some really yummy soup, whatever that means. Like a cheesy soup or something. There were antique stores and craft galleries and a few restaurants. the restaurant called Three Penny that I walked past is apparently renowned and has famous craft beer. But I can't do that either. I really wasn't hungry and I didn't want to look at stuff. I wouldn't have minded a souvenir shop, but I couldn't find one. So I just turned back and went to the darn campus. On my way back, I ran into Montana Jo going for a jog. I asked her where she was headed and she pointed to the hills behind the capitol building. She said there's a really nice trail up in the mountains. That would be nice to do. But I can't.

I went into Cafe Anna hoping they would have the broccoli cheddar from last night, but they didn't. Now it was something else that didn't sound as good. So I know they also have egg and cheese and bacon sandwiches, But they were out of those too. I'm so done with this quaint little patch of green grass prison in which we are all confined endlessly discussing agential semiotics and epistemology.

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I really want to come home now.