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Anna Strikes Again

The graduation ceremony here is quite different. It's similar to how my high school graduation was. The faculty read a really nice blurb about each person graduating, even taking quotes from their final paper. Like my acceptance letter from the school, except longer and more flowery. Everyone was crying. Boxes of tissues circulated through the audience. The event was being live-streamed via internet, so that is good to know. The diplomas were given to the graduates from a member of their families. So people's spouses, parents, siblings, children, whoever they chose to be their person stood up on stage and present the graduate with the diploma. It was really nice.

Right in the middle though, the power all went out. And of course, people were attributing it to Anna, and as far as I know, no one even tried to turn the power back on.

The president of the school stood up and said he had prepared a few words and proceeded to read his speech. Somewhere in the speech he said directing his comment to the graduates, "Many people believe that an MFA is an indulgent, frivolous, or even worthless degree...but you know differently." The graduates all started chuckling, which made the audience laugh, which made the graduates laugh even harder. And before you know it the whole room was cracking up. The president said, "Not quite the reaction I expected." which made us laugh more.

Now I will go eat dinner and then break down my exhibit!

Lizzi's felt sculpture.

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Marti with her huge tube made my tube look like a baby tube.

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Naomi pulling down her work. And I thought mine was hard to deal with.

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Jessica spackeling her wall.

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Aaron taking down his art

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